About Our Organization


The Botswana Federation of the Disabled (BOFOD) is a national disability umbrella body of various Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs) countrywide. The organisation was formed on December 2007 under Societies Act No. CR 7547 as a non-profit making organisation.

The Federation is managed by a governing board of eight (8) representative members from the affiliate organisations.

BOFOD has a membership of 13 National representative organizations of Persons with Disabilities and parents of children with disabilities who are decision makers of the organization and form the general assembly of the organisation. Membership is open to any Disabled Peoples Organisation (DPO) registered in Botswana with the purposes of serving the needs of people with disabilities.

Vision of BOFOD

An inclusive barrier free society, where people with disabilities fully enjoy their human rights.

Mission Statement

BOFOD is a non-profit organisation that strives to lobby and advocate for a barrier free society in partnership with government, NGOs and private sector with the ultimate goal of ensuring that people with disabilities fully enjoy their human rights.

The organisation has a four-year strategic plan (2015 – 2019)  where it has defined its strategic focus by clarifying its mandate and making thorough analysis of its external and internal environments. To maximize impact of its work, the organisation is focusing on delivering on five organisational priorities namely:

1. Organisational development,

2. Partnership building and networking

3. Policy engagement and advocacy

4. Good governance, and

5. Institutional capacity building and sustainability.

To accomplish the aforementioned strategic objectives, the organisation will implement the following activities:

a) Conduct training on ethics, accountability and Transparency for member DPOs.

b) Conduct training for DPOs and communities on how to undertake PETS/Social Accountability Initiatives.

c) Conduct TOT training to member DPOs on civic and voter education

d) Train DPOs on IT and documentation basics.e) Develop and implement a communication strategy

f) Develop and maintain a state-of-the art and user friendly website of BOFOD

g) Establish and run District and Regional Forums

h) Develop and disseminate IEC materials

i) Conduct organisational capacity assessment to BOFOD members

j) Organize and conduct tailor-made programmes to respond to identified needs.

k) Collect and analyse relevant policies and laws for lobbying and advocacy

l) Identify issues for policy engagement and advocacy.m) Develop and implement an advocacy strategy

n) Conduct Action Research on strategically selected issues.o) Conduct self-assessment to determine organisational capacity gaps.

p) Organize tailor-made programs to address the gaps.

q) Devise and implement a resource mobilization strategy.

Work with us?

At Botswana Federation of the Disabled (BOFOD), we are eager to work with different people willing to help persons with disabilities realize their rights. Please find our different ways you can enroll with us here.

How to help with resource mobilisation?

You do not necessarily need to be a donor to help BOFOD. You can still help us by connecting us with potential donors out there, if you have some connections. Or better still, if you have proposal writing skills, we welcome your support with drafting new proposals or editing existing proposals that can help us win more donations.

Can i help with policy analysis?

Inclusive policies are a catalyst for development, more especially the realization of different rights that persons with disabilities have. If you have expertise in policy analysis, we welcome you support in helping analyze different policies and how they affect persons with disabilities in Botswana.

How can i help with UNCRPD advocacy?

Botswana is the only country in Southern Africa that is yet to ratify the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD). You can help to put pressure on our political leaders to move with urgency in the process of ratifying and domesticating this very important Convention, by for instance posting on your Facebook wall, talking about it on your twitter, Blogging about it, writing letter to editors in the Botswana;s leading newspapers, among other things.

How else do i get involved?

By volunteering at BOFOD as highlighted on this page, by taking part in BOFOD’s advocacy activities on the UNCRPD as already mentioned above,  by giving/donating, and many other ways of getting yourself involved with our work. If you have any pother ideas that we have not mentioned on this website on how you get involved, please feel free to contact us here.

Board Representative

Mr. Wabotlhe Chimidza, Board Chairperson


Secretariat Representative

Ms. Shirley Keoagile, BOFOD Executive Director