The Disability Rights Fund -project

This is a project implemented national wide and it is implemented by  FEDOMA, Malawi National Association for the Deaf MANAD and Blantyre Press Club where FEDOMA is  the main implementer.


Ensures that disability policies and international treaties are enforced

Monitors how Malawi is fairing the Convention of Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women

Ensures government is committed to the 2022 Global Disability Summit

Ensures the implementation of the Convention of Rights of Persons with Disabilities CRPD

Advocacy on gender, finance, health and inclusive budget trucking

Ensures the submission of alternative reports to the UN committees

Facilitates the passing of disability bills

The project started in August 2022 and phases out in August 2023




                                                      bread for the World- project

The project is implemented to promote the disability inclusion of women and girls with disabilities. It’s an Eighteen month project thus from January, 2023 to June, 2024 and is implemented in three districts of Zomba,Ntcheu and Balaka with a total funding of 114,000 Euros. The Funder is Bread for the World.


Ensuring the participation of women and girls with disabilities in decision making at both district and community level and ensures FEDOMA member organizations are embracing gender issues


                                            INCLUSIVE EYE HEALTH- PROJECT

FEDOMA implements the project in partnership with the Sightsavers international and the Ministry of Health. Clinical officers are the coordinators of the project in those districts where the project is implemented to.  The project is implemented in all districts of Southern Malawi and one district of Lilongwe in Central Malawi and in Lilongwe, it only targets two health centers of Mitundu and Kabudula.  The project targets persons with disabilities and aims at ensuring that services are accessible and Over 2000 health personnel are trained on disability and gender inclusion in health system. 73 members of District Disability Forum DDFs were oriented on how to prevent Covid 19.

The funders of the project are People’s Postcode Lottery PPL and UK Aid Match UKAM. The project started in 2019 with one donor thus PPL and UKAM joined in November, 2020 and it is expected to phase out in October, 2023. Over 6000 persons with disabilities are mobilized with the project to access aye health care



                                                   ECD FOR ME TOO- PROJECT

The project focuses on the inclusive Early Child Development and it is implemented in two districts of Mulanje and Mangochi with a total funding of 434,000 Pounds. The funder of the project is the VITO Foundation through Able Child Africa. The project started in October, 2020 and phases out in September, 2023.




                                ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT PROJECT- EEP


                                         PROJECT OVERVIEW

  • The project will link financial inclusion with rural livelihoods, specifically agriculture, agribusiness, and off-farm small business development.
  • Where possible, it will link farmers and entrepreneurs with disabilities to existing agricultural extension and business development advisory services (government, commercial, and development sector provided).
  • n parallel it tests solutions for farmers and entrepreneurs, and particularly women 60% and 40% men, with disabilities to access financial services (specifically credit) which is critical to the development of their on- and off-farm businesses.

Its a two year pilot project thus from 1st April, 2023 up to March 31st, 2025 implemented by FEDOMA and its two affiliated member organizations namely:  Visual-Hearing Membership Association VIHEMA and Malawi Union of the Blind MUB. FEDOMA  implements the project in two Traditional Authorities T/As  Kachere and Kaphuka respectively in the District of Dedza. while VIHEMA is in 3 T/As of Nkowola, Kawinga and Nyambi in Machinga District where as MUB is implementing the same project in T/As  Chamba, Mposa and Nsamala in the same district of Machinga .

The funder for the project is  Sight Savers International SSI under unrestricted funds amounting to 272,384 664.00 Malawi Kwacha only, direct costs across all partners for two years.

Project objectives

In-scope financial services providers generate evidence on how the sector can adapt to be more inclusive and accessible to rural communities, especially female farmers with disabilities and female small business owners with disabilities.

project farmers with disabilities and off-farm small business owners with disabilities, particularly women, have increased incomes, financial assets, and capabilities to access higher value, value chains and markets.

  Government, commercial and development sector agricultural and business development program mes within the project geographies are more informed by, adapted to and inclusive of the needs of people with disabilities, particularly women.

  • The main goal of this project is to address the key barriers for on and off-farm businesses of people with disabilities in Dedza rural;
  • Access to finance (credit) – SLG’s linked to SACCO’s
  • Access to business development advisory services (MSME’s)
  • Access to agricultural extension services.
  • Access to formal markets.