CSOs lobby for the Disability Trust Fund

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Phalombe District Civil Society Organizations CSO member organizations have asked the government to make the Disability Trust Fund operational. The call has come when FEDOMA conducted the disability disseminating workshop that held in the district.

Speaking at the workshop, Phalombe CSO chairperson Richard Muluzi commended FEDOMA for its effort to train the CSO member organization on disability mainstreaming saying this is an eye opener to them as they have been equipped with the knowledge on how they can articulate disability issues in their innervations. He was quick to make the recommendation to all organizations to join efforts and lobby for the functionality of the Disability TRUST Fund as the fund remains dormant since there is no statistics showing how persons with disabilities may have so far benefited from the Disability Trust Fund since the fund was initiated in disability Act of 2012.

“We thank FEDOMA for the training but let me invite my fellow CSO member organizations lets press a strong button with support from FEDOMA, we should lobby for the activation of the Disability Trust Fund as it shows that nothing tangible has been benefited from it since we still see persons with disabilities struggling with life as if there is nothing to support them, “said Muluizi.

FEDOMA conducted the workshop to disseminate disability to all CSO member organizations in the district with support from cbm through The Hunger Project.

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