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The department for disability & elderly affairs in the ministry of gender, children and community development says the much awaited Disability Trust Fund will be soon in operational as the department has hired a consultant who is finalizing putting in place  the guidelines of making full operational that will benefit persons with disabilities in Malawi

Speaking when officially opening the 2022 DRF Grantees Convening Conference in Lionde, Gideon Kachingwe, Director for the department of disability & elderly affairs said government is committed to make sure rights of persons with disabilities are fully observed. He was quick to point fingers at the Organizations of Persons with Disabilities OPDs of choosing to sideline the department rather pressuring political figures saying that all the technical efforts are in the officials in the department not the minister saying the duty of minister is to oversee the whole work in the ministry. He therefore aged the OPDs to forward all matters concerning disabilities to the department of disability as they will be fully assisted. Kachingwe however was not so sure on when the Trust Fund will be in operational saying when all is done OPDs will be informed.

“Let me assure you all that the government is in control and is making all it can to ensure that the Disability Trust Fund is benefiting persons with disabilities. I would like to condemn the growing tendency of most OPDs who choose to go to the minister leaving behind the experts in the department that tendency must stop lets work together we are here for you and the minister too is committed, “said Kachingwe.

The Federation of Disability Organizations in Malawi FEDOMA hosted a four days 2022 DRF Grantees Convening Conference in Lionde with financial support from the Disability Rights Fund DRF.

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