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The Federation of Disability Organizations in Malawi (FEDOMA) has said Area Development Committees ADCs and Village Development Committee VDCs are key structures where persons with disabilities can be incorporated and where they can raise their concerns that affect their daily livelihood.

This comes when most persons with disabilities are not represented in ADCs and VDCs and this is said to be a big challenge as most of development plans made at ADC level are not designed in such away that persons with disabilities can fully benefit.

FEDOMA realizes that persons with disabilities continue to suffer in silence because they are not acquainted with information regarding the inclusion yet organizations of persons with disabilities have been preaching for the inclusiveness day in, day out. FEDOMA therefore decided to court ADCs of Nsanje and Machinga respectively as they represent many people and they can definitely take this to the masses and persons with disabilities can no longer be left behind.
The organization attributed that persons with disabilities should not looked at as objects of charity but rather people with potential to hit big in life. The representatives who attended the meetings were thankful for the meetings saying they will incorporate whatever they have learnt during the  meeting

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