Federation of Disability Organizations in Malawi FEDOMA Chairperson of the Executive Council, Mapopa Shaba has spoken strongly against the continued use of the Handicapped Persons Act of 1971, which according to him, it violates rights of persons with disabilities.

Speaking in Lilongwe on Saturday on the sidelines of commemoration of international day of persons with disabilities, he expressed frustration with the delay in tabling the Persons with Disabilities Bill in Parliament which was drafted and presented to the relevant authorities in 2018 which seeks to replace the old Handicapped Person’s Act of 1971.

Shaba said for example, the Malawi Council for the Handicapped- MACOHA is being run without considering the rights of persons with disabilities.

“It is an issue of concern because the literature in the 1971 Act is basically medical and charity as it portrays a person with disability as someone who is sick and who needs assistance to survive. We don’t want such an archaic piece of legislation anymore,” said Shaba.

Shaba added that the 2017 National Disability Strategy is not effective as inclusion in most public institutions is not arrived at.

Sharing the same notes was Chairperson of Malawi Human Rights Commission- MHRC Scader Luis, who said most persons with disabilities are up to now not enjoying their rights to the fullest.

In his remarks, Senior Chief Tsabango condemned the barbaric killing of persons with albinism siting a good example of the recent killing of a persons with albinism in Kasungu saying persons with disabilities are not secured therefore, depriving their rights.

He said, “We are very much concerned with the killing of persons with albinism. This is very sad and we beg government to help us ending this barbaric act.

The disability movement in Malawi concludes the observance of the disability month which started on the 3rd November, 2022 and the disability activities reach on the climax on the 3rd December which is the International Day of persons with Disabilities set by the United Nations in 1992 and the Malawi Leader, President Lazarus Chakwera was in attendance.

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