OPDs urged to lobby for the rights of the voiceless

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The Organizations of Persons with Disabilities OPDs have been urged to remain active and lobby for the human rights of persons with disabilities in Malawi. The call comes during the DRF Grantees Convening Conference in Lionde that was scheduled to train OPDs who get grants from the Disability          Rights Fund to appreciate their role fighting for the  human rights for persons with disabilities.

Speaking at the conference, DRF Regional Programs Officer for Africa, Katiya Sakala said DRF gives  grants to OPDs in respect of human right s of persons with disabilities who remain voiceless. She therefore urged OPDs to us such grants in fighting for the rights of voiceless persons with disabilities.

“DRF wishes to work with you to ensure we fight together for the improved rights of ordinary persons with disabilities and it is with this reason DRF wants to see the funds are properly handled and use them ensuring the rights of persons with disabilities are fought for at all cost, “she said.

FEDOMA Acting Executive Director Simon Munde commended DRF for the support it renders to the grantees saying the disability movements has seen efforts being made ensuring smooth advocacy though challenges are forth with

“We would like to give a round of applause to DRF for supporting the disability movement and this is not a mini achievement to us as FEDOMA and the rest of the OPDs who get the grant from DRF,” he said.

The Disability Rights Fund its headquarters Is in America and currently it is giving grants to almost 18 OPDs thus including Community Based OPDs in Malawi who run various project innervations in various districts.

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